Suspect surrenders to police with a bloody knife after man killed in 'love triangle'

The suspect stabbed the man before slitting his throat. [iStockphoto]

A man has surrendered to police in Simatwet, Kiminini Constituency in Trans Nzoia County after allegedly stabbing to death a fellow man in a suspected love triangle on Monday, police say.

They said the suspect was drinking with his girlfriend at Soweto village in Moi's Bridge before the woman deserted him for another man and continued to sip her brew while sitting on the man's lap.

Slighted, police allege, the suspect later in the day ambushed the duo and stabbed the man before slitting his throat.

The suspected attacker then surrendered to the police, they say, with a bloody knife after which he was locked up awaiting to be arraigned.

According to Kiminini OCPD John Onditi, the suspect trailed the duo in Kaptien area at around 7pm where he allegedly ambushed the man, stabbing him with a sharp knife.

He disclosed that the suspect will face murder charges.

The OCPD cautioned the public against taking the law unto themselves as the government has the structures to deal with conflict.

A Kitale-based psychiatrist Eliud Tormoi observed that myriad economic and psychosocial challenges have resulted in depression among many people leading to anti-social behaviour.

According to Dr Tormoi, depression makes people believe there are no solutions to their challenges and erroneously conclude that ending their lives or the lives of those they perceive to be a threat to their survival is the only solution.

This he says, creates bigger problems as the culprits end up facing more trouble than they thought they were solving.