Interior CS Kindiki vows to crush bandits, eradicate insecurity in Isiolo

"For 60 years you have made it business as usual. You kill people and steal livestock and go away. Because you have dared us and you want us to think that you have enough weapons, we are ready to engage you," Kindiki warned the raiders.

Prof Kindiki said Isiolo and northern parts of Kenya had for a long time suffered insecurity, but said the government was working to address the situation once and for all.

He said President William Ruto had noted Isiolo, Marsabit, Laikipia, Samburu, Garissa, Turkana, Baringo, Wajir and Tana River had been hit hard by insecurity.

He said for six decades, people in these regions had borne the brunt of insecurity but the government will curb that.

"The President understands there is a big problem of insecurity in these regions which for a long time had been ruled by criminals," Kindiki said.

He said his mandate is to find solutions to the insecurity adding that his ministry would spare no efforts to eradicate banditry and cattle rustling.

"Because everyone wants to bring up their children, take care of their families and contribute to national development, the government will secure all regions," he promised Isiolo residents.

He also appealed to them to live in cohesion even if they come from different communities. "There is strength in unity," he said.

He pledged government support to empower the residents, saying investors can only come to the region if there is security.

"We are going to liberate Kom and Isiolo and entire Kenya from the hands of criminals," he said, noting that children had been victims of the insecurity.

He noted the killing of a woman and some children at Burat, and condoled with the residents. The CS also visited some survivors in hospital.

"The people who continue to hurt innocent children, women and innocent people who have no arms are despicable and cowards," he said.

Kindiki directed the county security team to recruit 200 reservists in 10 days, to stationed along the routes used by raiders.