School in Kakamega gets back grabbed playground

Pupils and teachers at Kakamega Primary School took to the streets in celebration after the National Land Commission (NLC) gave back to them a 12-acre piece of land that had been grabbed.

Kakamega primary school pupils and teachers led by their headteacher Mr. David Ikunza thronged Kakamega streets singing and dancing with joy after receiving good news of a letter from the National Land Commission instructing them to own tittle deed number Kakamega town block 11/32 which was hereby vested in permanent Secretary treasury for a public playing field for the school. Teachers and pupils singing and thanking God for hearing their prayers for what they termed as 11 years of struggle for crying for justice to be done. BY BENJAMIN SAKWA

NLC Chairman Muhamad Swazuri, in a letter delivered by Dominic Agoi, has ordered the school be given a title deed for its 12-acre piece of land, which was earmarked as their playground.

The land had been grabbed by private developers 11 years ago thereby denying pupils space to play. The school has not been participating in co-curricular activities as required to nurture pupils.

David Ikunza, the school's headteacher, led teachers and pupils in celebrating the good news saying finally justice has been served.

"For the last 11 years, we have been fighting for what belongs to us. Finally God has listened to our prayers. What is ours is back," said Mr Ikunza.

He regretted that pupils were hurt in the struggle for their playground but said none of them died in the process.

He said at last pupils would be able to participate in co-curricular activities as they had been locked out due to lack of a playing field.

Shieywe MCA Aggrey Santos, in whose ward the school is situated, said the school compound would be fenced to avoid encroachment.

"I am going to allocate Sh200,000 to fence the school's land immediately to avoid some people salivating for our land because it is not fenced," said Mr Santos.

In a letter to the school management, Dr Swazuri ordered that previous title deeds for the land be revoked. He said a new title deed should be issued in the name of Kakamega Primary School for the pupil's playground.

The school's land, block 11/32, had been subdivided among private developers into blocks 11/292, 11/293, 11/294, 11/295 and 11/296. It has been battling in courts to get the land back.