Liverpool team bus blocked en route to Old Trafford, tyres punctured

Liverpool team has been blocked on its route to Old Trafford [Daniel Taylor - Twitter]

A Liverpool team has been blocked on its route to Old Trafford with opportunist fans then moving swiftly to let down its tyres.

Manchester United have gone to great lengths to avoid any disruption ahead of the clash against Liverpool following the protests just under a fortnight ago, even asking their players to arrive at the stadium six hours early.

However, Liverpool are travelling into the ground as normal from their accommodation at the Hyatt Hotel, Manchester, and look to have come unstuck.

A report from The Athletic showed an image of the bus stuck down a side street close to the hotel as two black cars appeared to be parked across the road to deny any entry.

There is said to be another bus at Liverpool's team hotel, and it seems the club are using one as a decoy one in a bid to fool protestors.

United had used a similar ploy earlier in the day but it looks as though fans have not been tricked by their Merseyside rivals

Police soon arrived on the scene to move cars out of the way and disperse the small group of around 50 supporters.

Liverpool team has been blocked on its route to Old Trafford [Daniel Taylor - Twitter]

It doesn't seem like Liverpool's players were on board at the time of the blockage, with the other bus back at the team hotel which looks to be the one the team are due to take.

There is a heavy police presence in Manchester ahead of the fixture following the violent protests which caused the last meeting between the sides to be postponed.

Fans outside Old Trafford were reportedly heard chanting: "We're going on the pitch again." 

United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has urged supporters to stay away in the hope that the match can finally go ahead as planned.

“Security measures are being looked at, of course, and I hope that we can keep the protests - if there are protests - down to loud voices, nothing violent,” Solskjaer said. “We want to listen. The players want to play the game.

“We play Liverpool. Of course we want to beat Liverpool... So, we’re going to do everything we can for our fans to celebrate what we’re doing on the pitch.”

rence to their antics from just under a fortnight ago.