Mwangaza calls for probe after mob sets her donations on fire

Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza interacts with a group of women during one of her 'Okolea kana ka Miiru' charity events. [Courtesy]

Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza has called on the police to investigate an incident in which her charity event was disrupted by a mob on Sunday afternoon.

Governor Mwangaza had visited Maua, Igembe South in northern Meru for a charity event as part of her 'Okolea kana ka Miiru' programme, which aims to assist the most vulnerable in the community.

However, her event was disrupted when mattresses and other items she had planned to distribute to vulnerable families were set on fire.

Additionally, a cow she intended to give away was slaughtered, and the meat was shared by the group responsible for the violence.

Mwangaza has been visiting various parts of the county, as she has done over the years, donating livestock and other items to impoverished families and vulnerable groups, including orphans and people with disabilities.

In addition to heifers, Mwangaza travels to different parts of Meru, providing water storage tanks, bedding, school uniforms, and other household items. 

“We want to express our deep disappointment and condemnation of such retrogressive behaviour. It is unacceptable to disrupt charitable efforts aimed at helping people in need,” Mwangaza said.

She asked investigative agencies to identify the perpetrators and take relevant action.

“We call upon relevant agencies to investigate the matter thoroughly and take the necessary measures against those responsible.