Jobless OCS Kenya Kwanza pleads for a reward from President Ruto

Stephen Githinji Kenya Kwanza OCS still jobless despite campaigning for UDA in West Pokot county.

Stephen Githinji, who was popularly known as OCS Kenya Kwanza during the campaigns, is still jobless despite his vigorous efforts to mobilize votes for the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) in West Pokot county.

Githinji now wants the Kenya Kwanza government to reward him by giving him a job, saying that he was a loyal hustler who supported President William Ruto and other UDA leaders in the region.

He told The Standard at his rental home in Makutano that he is qualified to be a personal bodyguard to President Ruto or a watchman at State House.

“I have six children in secondary and primary school. I am struggling to feed my family. I sacrificed my time and resources, hoping that if Kenya Kwanza wins, I will be dining with the mighty, but I am still in the cold. My fellow OCPD Kenya Kwanza got a job, but I am still jobless,” Githinji said.

Githinji said he earned the name OCS Kenya Kwanza after designing his own UDA uniform, which cost him 4,000 shillings, to promote the party in West Pokot county.

“My idea was unique during the campaigns. I came up with that name and I stood out because in every meeting I had to wear my full uniform, including branded shoes. I tailored it in Eldoret,” he said.

He noted that President Ruto promised to give jobs to the hustlers after winning the election, but he is still unemployed despite being one of the shareholders of this country.

Githinji said he has to do menial jobs to survive and feed his family during these hard economic times, as he recalls how the UDA team used him during the campaigns as the West Pokot county coordinator representing the Kikuyu community.

“I was expecting to be living in a better house by now. I thought my life would change drastically after Kenya Kwanza’s victory. I deserve to be rewarded,” he said.