Raila rules out handshake with Kenya Kwanza in push for inclusivity

According to Raila, Ruto's regime is tainted with corruption and favouritism, and has thrown Kenyans under the bus to shoulder high cost of living and alleged bad governance.

He rallied his supporters to buckle up and wait for another call for mass action should talks with the ruling alliance flops. His choice of words, intonation and outright criticisms raises doubt of their confidence to find a solution to their concerns through talks.

"These people are tainted. I do not want to tarnish my name in the name of joining the government. Our victory was stolen and we are happy Kenyans now want to be part and parcel of the country's governance," he said.

Raila maintained that they will not relent in their push for inclusivity, and discourage the new regime from implementing what he described as selective appointments and allocations of development.

Speaking in Kitutu Masaba Nyamira County on Sunday, Raila said the policies Kenya Kwanza has adopted make it difficult for families to sustain themselves.

Raila vowed he will never take part in talks to share government with Ruto and claimed the government's hands are tainted with corruption and tribalism.