Wandayi, Mbadi clash over parliamentary leadership


ODM party National chairman John Mbadi and National Assembly Minority leader Opiyo Wandayi have sharply differed over house leadership. [Standard]

A war of words has erupted between National Assembly Minority Leader Opiyo Wandayi and ODM National Chairman and Nominated MP John Mbadi over House leadership.

The Minority Leader claimed that Mbadi is conflicted and challenged him to choose either to work with President William Ruto or ODM party leader Raila Odinga.

Speaking to The Standard yesterday, Wandayi accused the Nominated MP of working with their opponents to push selfish narratives in the media aimed at discrediting the minority leadership in Parliament.

“Mbadi’s inept and lethargic chairmanship of ODM has created a huge vacuum that is exploited by our enemies, I would expect him to lead ODM troops from the front on the trenches as we resist the Ruto regime, instead what we hear are endless lamentations from his hideout,” he said.

The Minority Leader accused Mbadi of only emerging in Parliament to allegedly continue with conspiracy to slow down their momentum for anti-goverment protests and follows the developments on television as he sips tea with their opponents.

Wandayi said that he has had the privilege of serving in the 11th, 12th and 13th Parliament, each with its own uniqueness and due to the Handshake, the 12th Parliament was like a walk in the park for the minority NASA where Mbadi served as the Minority Leader.

“In the current Parliament we are dealing with a rogue regime that requires total commitment, ideological clarity and focus on our part, the least we expect are distractions from within us, orchestrated by a disgruntled party official who is whining at every turn,” he said.

The Minority Leader was responding to the Nominated MP who said that he (Wandayi) needs to effectively play his role in Parliament and on the streets as the situations demand.

Speaking to The Standard in Homa Bay over the weekend, Mbadi said that the minority leadership in the National Assembly needs to communicate clearly with members and be present at all times to whip them in the same direction.

The ODM Chairman asked Wandayi to be more organised, strategic and available to members and in the House at all times to understand what is going on saying members cannot be whipped through text messages.

“I am not interested in leadership, I am confident and satisfied with where I am at the moment, I just want the Minority Leader to be a bit more organised, strategic, communicate better and be present and available to members whenever he is needed,” said Mbadi.