Mudavadi defends government on controversial Finance Bill

He urged Kenyans to not to listen to politicians opposing the the Bill and accused them of bringing politics to serious national matters.

On leadership, Mudavadi said the government is ready to support and work closely with the Public Service Commission to ensure Kenya develops responsible young leaders.

"It's essential to prepare these young leaders by instilling a mind shift, a strong learning capability, a commitment to honesty, and the ability to conceive emerging problems from a bird's eye view perspective," he said.

Mudavadi told the over 200 graduates that as public servants, they are expected to offer solutions to problems plaguing Kenyans.

"You have been chosen to serve your country, please do your duty with pride," he said.

The PSELF training is a year-long professional programme for young, high-achieving public servants who want to develop their careers in civil service.

Also present at the ceremony were Public Service Commission Chairperson Ambassador Anthony Mwaniki Muchiri, and Vice Chairperson Charity Kisotu.