Ekuru Aukot: Bipartisan talks are a ploy to revive BBI

Thirdway Alliance Party Leader Ekuru Aukot. [Esther Jeruto, Standard]

Thirdway Alliance Party Leader Dr. Ekuru Aukot says there is no need for a bipartisan dialogue between Government and the Opposition as it is merely a plot to revive the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

Speaking on Spice FM on Tuesday, April 12, Aukot claimed that the bipartisan talks will not yield fruits because Parliament is already compromised.

Aukot averred that there were a lot of promises that Kenyans were given during the electioneering period last year, which are now manifesting as a ‘lie.’

“There is no need for these bipartisan talks because Parliament is already compromised and if need be, then let us bring it outside Parliament to the people and let it be multipartisan and bring all political parties together. I smell a plot to revive BBI with these talks,” said Aukot.

“There were a lot of promises given in the 2022 elections, which many people believed would be the truth but now are turning out to be a lie. For instance, that we inherited empty coffers but then we can see the government's expenditures.”

The Thirdway Party leader noted that Kenyans must now question the promises of their leaders.

According to Aukot, BBI is already being implemented and there are signs like the “deliberate violation of the Kenyan Constitution” under Article 30 that speaks of the Executive, the President, the Deputy, and his Cabinet Secretaries. Aukot claimed that the president had expanded the Executive against the provision of the Constitution.

“The Constitution cuts the cabinet at thirty-two. Principal secretaries are now forty-three. The president also went ahead to appoint fifty-three CASs. He has also created an office called the Chief Cabinet Prime Secretary. He has clearly violated the provisions of chapter 8.” he said.

According to Aukot, the principle in BBI was that there was a need to accommodate regional representation and bring Kenyans together. “The president has instead of simplistic inclusion, appointed failed politicians who were his political supporters when he should have appointed the hustlers who qualify for these positions and have no jobs in the country.”

Aukot further added that the Azimio demos were about the 2022 Election and that the Raila-Odinga-led coalition has yet to move to court on the opening of servers.

Mr. Aukot added that dialoguing is just a conduit Kenya Kwanza wants to use to quiet Odinga because of his large following.