How Monday's street protests left losses and tears in its wake

Rowdy youth believed to have been in the protests broke into Muhindi Mweusi Supermarket at 7pm where they destroyed equipment and stole items including electronics, appliances, foodstuffs and clothes.

"We had closed shop from morning due to the demonstrations. The rioters were hitting the door with stones and managed to get in and stole high-value items," said Simon Thuo, the supermarket's operations manager.

According to Thuo, the shop had goods worth Sh37 million before about half of the items were stolen.

"We had to switch off lights when they started to go up the other floors to disorient them for our own security," said Thuo.

More than 100 gas cylinders were also stolen outside the supermarket, with Thuo saying the group first destroyed the CCTV camera capturing the entrance.

Youth believed to have been in the protests broke into Muhindi Mweusi Supermarket at 7pm. [Denish Ochieng, Standard]

CCTV footage seen by The standard captured tens of youths breaking the door of the supermarket, and stealing items in singles and in bulk.

Although they did not manage to steal the money at the cashiers' counters, Thuo said the scanning machines and monitors were all vandalised.

By the time police responded at about 8pm, Thuo said the lotters believed to have come from nearby estates had managed to get away with the items.

So far about four suspects have been arrested and only a few items recovered by the police.

As Azimio leader Raila Odinga insists that the anti-government protests will take place twice a week starting next week, with the business community fearing that they could face more losses.

Along Outering Road in Nairobi, sporadic damages were witnessed where a stretch of about 800 -meter long fence belonging to Kenya Railways Corporation was brought down by protestors. Two private vehicles were burnt in the Eastlands area.