UDA wants Azimio held accountable for damage, property destruction in Monday's protests

The demonstrations that took place yesterday across the country resulted in violent confrontations with authorities and the closure of businesses.

UDA offices in Kisumu were set ablaze including some cars that had been parked in the compound.

Malala has since condemned the looting by protesters on the pretext of "constitutionally protected demonstrations".

Senate majority leader Aaron Cheruiyot commended the police for managing the crowds.

"We want those looters captured on camera and the leaders who accompanied them in the protest arrested right now and brought to book," Cheruiyot said.

Odinga and his team were on Monday teargassed by police as he led protests in the city. He at one time took cover in a hotel to evade the police.

After being barred from the city center, Odinga and several Azimo leaders made several stopovers around Nairobi to address residents.

They have vowed to continue weekly demonstrations until their concerns are addressed.