Azimio MCAs tell DCI to leave them alone and go after Raila

Nairobi County Majority Leader Peter Imwatok. [Samson Wire, Standard]

Recently, Matakwey addressed Azimio supporters urging them to storm the Central Business District and stop any business operations in a bid to force President William Ruto out of office.

"We want to go out to the streets and eject that thief from Statehouse. For William Ruto to respect Raila Odinga, we must close all business in Nairobi," he said.

Imwatok revealed that everything went smoothly at NCIC offices where together with lawyers had accompanied Matakwey to honour the summon. The parties agreed to appear before the commission on Wednesday to go through the charges and make a formal statement.

"As we were walking out of NCIC, we found three Subaru Foresters before the detectives grabbed the honourable member and sped away with him," he said.

The majority Leader further castigated the DCI for breaking the law by arresting Matakwey within Nairobi but taking him all the way to Kiambu county.

"Unfortunately, as we sit here, we are told Matakwey was driven to Kiambu county and now is in Kikuyu police station, no one is allowed to see him and neither is he recorded in the OB," said Imwatok.

The Standard was however unable to independently establish whether Matakwey is being held at the DCI headquarters in Kiambu or Kikuyu Police Station.

NCIC chairperson Samuel Kobia said Matakwey used ethnic slurs to incite violence among Kenyans at a heated rally attended by Azimio leader Raila.

NCIC chairperson Samuel Kobia. [Denis Kibuchi, Standard]

Kobia stated that claims by the opposition that the 2022 General Election was rigged are "creating unnecessary tension that if not well managed can plunge the country into chaos."

The commission further called for the accordance of respect to the president noting that any action that undermines the presidency has the potential of damaging national cohesion and injuring peace and unity among Kenyans.

"The president should be accorded respect and honour by all and at all time," read the statement signed by Kobia.

The arrest comes after Azimio held the second public rally at Jacaranda grounds on Sunday, where the leaders tore into President Ruto's administration.