Boost for bid to anchor opposition leader in law

"It is good that while in office, you have someone who can correct you whenever you go astray and that ensures that things go the right way, and hence I support this course," said Bisau.

Barasa and Otuoma said the opposition will be able to bargain and push for development for the benefit of all Kenyans if the proposal is enacted.

"It is commendable because the opposition will be able to play its watchdog role effectively and keep the government in check," said Barasa.

Otuoma said the position will help cool down the political temperatures after every election cycle.

Bisau further said that Azimio legislators had already prepared a Bill to be tabled in Parliament on creation of the official opposition position.

Bisau who was elected on a DAP-K ticket under Azimio la Umoja One Kenya alliance said the Bill has the full backing of MPs across the divide.