Raila demands return of fuel and unga subsidies

"Ruto needs to understand that though his fortunes have changed for the better, for a majority of parents if not all, the economic situation has become worse," said Ugunja MP Opiyo Wandayi.

The leaders called for an inclusive and consultative process of reconstituting the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) claiming that Parliament and Judiciary were all captives of the Executive.

Raila alleged that the speed with which the National Assembly Justice and Legal Affairs Committee (JLAC) dealt with petitions against the four IEBC commissioners was a sign that the Parliament was subservient to the executive.

He further claimed that the manner in which the Judiciary swore in members of the tribunal appointed by Ruto to investigate the conduct of the commissioners shows that it is in cahoots with the Executive.

"The Judiciary is captive to the Executive. We have seen the President going to the Judiciary and promising to give them funds. Now they are doing what he wants," said Raila.

He demanded the reinstatement of the four commissioners and swore to block President Ruto from appointing new IEBC team.

Karua accused the executive of impunity and taking control of other arms of government to push through its agenda. She argued that the push to oust the commissioners was political vendetta because they rejected the August 9 presidential election results.

Karua argued that it was within the commissioners' rights to denounce the results.

"If we allow those commissioners to be relieved of their duties as the country watches, then no one will be able to defend their rights in this country," she said.

The Narc Kenya leader said any decisions made pertaining to the electoral laws and IEBC need to be deliberated by Kenyans and not just by the President and the Executive.

Raila Odinga leads his Azimio la Umoja lieutenants and supporters at the historic Kamukunji grounds, Nairobi. [Denish Ochieng, Standard]

"We will take that money but we will not pay. I have also taken it but will not pay," said Were.

"This thing called Hustler Fund has no legal framework. It has not even gone through Parliament. Where have these billions come from yet the Treasury has not approved them," wondered Kalonzo.

Raila told Kenyans to take the funds as a deposit for the interest free fund they had been promised advising them not repay but instead go for more as it is their money.

Ruto launched the fund on November 30, a programme that offers loans at 8 per cent interest rate.

Azimio leaders reiterated that they will hold parallel Jamhuri Day celebrations at Jacaranda grounds, Nairobi, on December 12, where they will host patriotic Kenyans who had fought for the second liberation of the country.

"We will celebrate and start the New Year with style. Starting next week, we will show you our programme meant for liberation. We want women and young men to rise up courageously and fight for the democracy that many sacrificed for us to have," said Raila.

They also demanded that Ruto enhances cash transfers to the elderly and vulnerable, boost Linda Mama Programme, institute discipline, order and clarity in Cabinet Secretaries declarations.

The leaders want the government to ensure ethnic and regional balance in appointments, restore Kazi Mtaani project, discard plans to import Genetically Modified Foods and seeds and constitute Hustler Fund in line with the law and with no threats to the youth.