Justina Wamae officially leaves Roots Party of Kenya

The party has acknowledged that it received the communication.

According to a letter by the Registrar of political parties to Wamae, she was not a registered member of any political party as of September 22.

The issues between Wamae and Wajackoyah's Roots party started when she was called for disciplinary action a fortnight after the duo unsuccessfully attempted to get the presidency.

The party accused Wamae of misrepresenting the party's stand as well as disassociating with its ideologies after she sent a public congratulatory message to the president and his deputy.

"You have continuously and maliciously misrepresented the position of the party and that of the party leader having blocked him and other party officials," the party said at the time.

"You have further made utterances that cannot be substantiated and which are against the party's manifesto and purported to be the party's spokesperson and on several occasions been quoted by the media," he added.

However, Wamae said she would not attend the disciplinary action.

Since then, the two [Justina and Wajackoyah] have been differing.