Kalonzo: Ruto will sweep Ukambani if Raila turns me down

Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka [Omondi Onyango, Standard]

Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka says he may have to review his political stance in case Azimio coalition leader Raila Odinga turns him down in his quest to become a running mate of the coalition.

In an interview with Athiani FM on Monday, Kalonzo said Deputy President William Ruto would be the biggest beneficiary of a situation where Raila turns down him down on the running mate ticket.

The former Vice President says he was keenly waiting on the decision Raila will make so that he can take stock of it, and chart the way forward. He also dismissed the ongoing interviews for Azimio running mate as the “handiwork of the devil” and as designed to complicate Azimio’s path to power.

Kalonzo was quick to say he had not sat down- thus far- with Ruto, maintaining that the Kenya Kwanza team remains the worst option for the country in the scheme of things.

“If I am not picked, its obvious that all the votes due unto me may troop to Ruto’s direction, is that what they want? It's rather obvious,” he said.

He says the moment Raila sidesteps him, it will be crystal clear to him that some people are determined to botch his presidential ticket. He said if this happens, Raila may never become a president in his lifetime.

“Either the devils are walking among them, or they do not want him to become President. In fact, the moment they don’t pick me, it will confirm to me that some people do not want Raila to ever become a president in his life,” he said.

He wondered why he would be exposed to an interview panel to vet his suitability when he had previously flown the flag without being vetted.

“What has changed? It can only mean that some people want to cloud issues around all these, and for what purpose, and to what end, they will have to tell us,” he said.

He said neither himself nor Raila is getting any younger nor do they have the room to make mistakes.

In the interview, Kalonzo left a small window for talking to Ruto, saying he cannot rule out anything when push comes to shove.

“Those are thieves… Kenya Kwisha, but if things get thick, and my people tell me no, what do I do? Perhaps I could tell them to hang on in there and support Raila, but they will ask me whether I am mad,” he said.

He nevertheless said he would cross the bridge when he gets there.

“We will sit down and agree. I am sure we will cross these storms set up by the devils, and get our unity going,” he said.

He said the trials set against him will not slow him down.

“I have been called names, branded and all that, but it does not matter. They can somersault, twist and make every turn, but what God has planned no one can change. We will stay the course to the end,” he said.

He said will push former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko’s bid to become Mombasa governor to the end. He defended the governor saying he has every right to run for any seat anywhere, despite the impeachment.

“President Uhuru and Ruto and Uhuru were allowed to vie despite being charged with crimes against humanity, how and why would Sonko be stopped?” he posed.