ODM's direct ticket proposal most preferred ahead of August 9 polls

ODM delegates at the National Governing Convention (NGC) meeting at the Bomas of Kenya on February 25, 2022. [Duncan Khaemba]

The ODM party members have a preference for the direct ticket proposal for selecting candidates to run in the August election.

The model will be arrived at following scientific research. 

During the party's National Governing Council meeting held at the Bomas of Kenya on Friday, the party revealed that it will also use consensus, a delegates system and universal suffrage to select candidates where the direct ticket process is not applicable.

“The lessons that we learnt in the recent by-elections have been proven vital,” ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna said.

“The results from the scientific research were spot on,” he said.

“If one has been identified scientifically (through opinion polls) they should get a direct ticket,” ODM Director of Elections Junet Mohamed told delegates.

Kwale County women representative Zuleikha Hassan in her submissions called for more adherence to the two-thirds gender rule in nominations. 

“The party should consider women candidates doing well in the polls and give them a direct ticket to ensure that the party complies with the gender rules,” she said.

ODM delegates at the National Governing Convention (NGC) meeting at the Bomas of Kenya on February 25, 2022. [Duncan Khaemba]

The proposal also received backing from Kisumu Governor Prof Anyang' Nyong’o saying it should be pursued and implemented continuously. 

“This proposal will protect us from these small parties that come at night, go to elections and then disappear after elections,” he said while warning that the method should not be abused. 

The party’s representative of persons living with disabilities in the national assembly Denita Gati said, “This scientific research method should be inclusive to rope in persons living with disabilities.”

Kisii Woman Representative Janet Ong’era warned that the party has to be careful with the method saying it was prone to manipulation.

“We have to be very careful with pollsters,” she said.

“Who is going to conduct it? I can go and bribe someone to show that I am leading in the polls.” 

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino backed the proposed system adding that other factors ought to be considered as well.

“Disloyalty to the party and the party leader must be punished immediately and loyalty to the same must be rewarded in instalments,” he said.

Irene Achieng Ayimba, a youth representative, argued that the conduct of individuals, as well as their track record, should come before the polls. 

“When we speak about having a scientific method, I am more worried about the fact that there will be somebody who is occupying that office whose character is not meriting what we are facing as a country,” she said.

While addressing the members, party leader Raila Odinga said all models used to arrive at candidates should not be a problem since they are perfect for the party.

“What we are saying is simple, have options so that we can save time and resources for the party,” he said.