Mr President you can’t arrest me, Governor Kingi tells Uhuru

Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi. Photo: Gideon Maundu, Standard

Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi has told President Uhuru Kenyatta that he has no powers to arrest him.

Kingi was responding to the President’s threat to arrest the governor over corruption if the Jubilee government is re-elected. President Kenyatta made the remarks during his campaign rallies in Malindi, Ganze and Rabai sub-counties early this week.

Speaking in his rallies in Chasimba and Junju wards in Kilifi South Sub-county Saturday, Kingi accused the President of acting out of anger because he has realised Kilifi has no interest in Jubilee.

“I want to tell my brother Uhuru Kenyatta to read the law and the Constitution well. Gone is the Nyayo era when the President could speak and one freezes, the era of barbaric leadership is gone and we can no longer be afraid of anybody,” said Kingi.

The governor accused Uhuru of staging a war against him instead of finding solutions to the many problems people are facing under his government. He said the President only boasts of the Kulalu-Galana project.

He dismissed the President’s claims that he had misused over Sh40 billion dispatched to the county from the National Treasury. “I received Sh5.8 billion in the first year, Sh6.4 billion in the second year, Sh7.4 billion in the third year and Sh8 billion in the fourth year, but the President is saying I was given Sh40 billion,” said Kingi.

The governor said the President is not ready to fight corruption since he is favouring corrupt leaders in Jubilee Party and also campaigning for their election.

At the same time, Kilifi Senator Stewart Madzayo asked the President to respect Coast leaders and stop insulting them.

The senator said Uhuru should concentrate on vote hunting instead of tainting the images of leaders who tell him “the truth”.