Karua: I am worth Sh56m

By Roselyn Obala

NAIROBI, KENYA: Narc presidential candidate Martha Karua has declared her wealth, saying that her possessions total Sh56m.

Listing her properties, Karua said her Nairobi home is worth Sh40m and her car Sh6m. She added that she owns half an acre of land in Tigoni estimated to be worth another 10 million.

She added she has a third property, a car, valued at Sh6 million.

Karua challenged other contenders to come out and declare their wealth ahead of the general election.

“I am challenging my political rivals to also come out and declare their wealth publicly if they are up to the trust of Kenyans,” she said.

Karua said the current trend of politics in the country is shrouded with money competition and declared hers will be that of issue based.

She said her rivals in the race to State House have no business being in the field if they cannot tell the electorates what they are worth.

“I have declared what I have saved in the years I have been in politics and my opponents should follow suit for Kenyans to hold them accountable when they are in office.”

Karua argued that she was ready to give a detailed break down on how she has accumulated her wealth over the years.
“My rivals should give the public an account of their assets and how they acquired them before assuming office,” she said.

She said she took the steps in accordance with the Public Officer Ethics Act, 2003. She provided a copy of the declaration form that she deposited to Parliament last December.

Karua accused her colleagues in the House of diluting the Leadership and Integrity Act to hide their ill gotten wealth.
She made the remarks yesterday after accepting her nomination by the party as the presidential aspirant.

She now waits to be cleared by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission by the end of the month to be a candidate.

Karua is yet to name her running mate in the race but promised to do so before she presents her certificate to the IEBC.
“I urge my supporters to bear with me for a short while as I consult widely to arrive at a best choice,” she said.

The immediate former Gichugu MP said she was obliged to name the running mate before she can present her papers at the IEBC.Also Karua outlined her plans for the country if she is the elected the fourth president.

She singled out graft, impunity, insecurity and glaring inequalities as the greatest vice in the country. “My first political pillar will to erode the power of impunity by infusing a new spirit of constitutionalism.” She said the country can boost of a improved economy if the ordinary citizens who languish in poverty can afford a decent meal a day.

She reiterated that he Government will not tolerate abuse of office, underpayment of over worked teachers and doctors, apply double standards and treat of Kenyans equally regardless of wether rich or poor.

“In my two decades in politics, I have learnt a lot and will not betray the trust of Kenyans if elected president,” she promised.
She continued “I believe we can have a better Kenya, united in purpose  for the good of all.” She added a greater Kenya is within reach if the country gets the right leadership to spur economic growth.

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