Jobs don't begin and end with Saudi Arabia

Data from the World Bank show that 5.7 per cent of Kenya's labour force was unemployed in 2021, up from 2.8 per cent in 2013. In terms of statistics, a subsequent analysis of World Bank data on young unemployment shows that Kenya has had the highest rate of unemployed youth in East Africa in recent years.

A generation that has lost all hope of finding work is a burden on the society in which they live. It is crucial to comprehend that youth may be the answer to the unemployment crisis, not the other way around.

Young graduates are unaware of the numerous options in new industries, such as RPO firms that deal with recruitment.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing Companies (RPO) are where an employer hires an external service provider to handle all recruiting efforts.

RPO industries provide exceptional staffing solutions tailored to their unique requirements. The finest calibre personnel is available to meet the strict standards in recruitment. Thanks to a young imaginative recruiter who knows what works.

There are several available roles to consider in the RPO industry, and the secret is landing a perfect and legit RPO job.

Here are a few tips for landing your preferred RPO job;

Set and establish your career goals, research the company, title, and salary, network, visit the company's website, customize and update your CV, have a robust digital presence, and track your application.

It is an excellent opportunity for youths to quickly and efficiently gain talent exploration knowledge and boost their creativity in the best work culture.

Young people must therefore be equally open-minded to vast work industries in the job market.

Written by Noela Toywa (pictured), the Communications and Lead Sourcing Expert at VIZX International.