Ruto allies vow to ensure Kisii deputy governor's ouster flops in Senate

A view of Kisii County Assembly during Deputy Governor Robert Monda's impeachment motion on Feb 29, 2024. [Sammy Omingo, Standard]

The embattled Kisii Deputy Governor Robert Monda has received support from Kenya Kwanza legislators following his impeachment on Thursday. 

The leaders said that Kisii county is facing challenges and the impeachment would not solve anything. 

Speaking on Sunday in Nyaribari Chache, the leaders warned that the bickering in Kisii could derail development. 

National Assembly Chief Whip Slyvanous Osoro, MPs Japheth Nyakundi (Kitutu Chache North), host Zaheer Jhanda and Woman Rep Dorice Donya said they would support talks to have Kisii back on track. 

Osoro said the impeachment of Dr Monda only serves the selfish interests of some individuals. 

"It is too early to engage in this kind of politics. We might be inclined to different political parties, but we must always remember that we all serve the interests of a larger community; Omogusii," he said.

The Chief Whip said the county was facing challenges and impeachment of the deputy governor will further split the local leadership. 

"We are looking into ways to ensure that the impeachment against Dr Monda flops in the Senate. The grounds advanced against him cannot hold any charge. Bribery allegations can better be handled by the police and EACC," he said.

He claimed that a section of local leaders have been advancing clan politics to the detriment of the electorate. 

"We are not interested in fighting any leader, but we must ask for accountability and transparency in the use of public resources. Let us not lie to each other, there is a problem in Kisii that can only be solved once some people have lowered their ego and agree to sit at the table to discuss how we empower our people economically," he said.

Osoro revealed that the parliamentary leadership from the county has invited President William Ruto to lay the foundation stone for the construction of affordable houses and the multi-billion cancer center in Kisii. 

"Our discussions with the national government are centred on development. We have lined up several projects on water, roads and energy," he said.

MP Jhanda cautioned against inciting locals to attack leaders for selfish interests and political gain. 

"We were all elected to advance the interests of our people. We didn't seek elective seats to fight the poor and personalize offices. Each one of us has a mandate," he said.

He promised to rally behind the impeached deputy governor. "There are roles in the Constitution that the Deputy Governor is assigned, discussing his family and private life before the assembly is a waste of time," he said.

Jhanda called on locals to take advantage of the affordable houses and market projects to seek employment opportunities. 

Woman Rep Donya said the events at the county assembly last week only served to antagonise other leaders. 

"We have been in office for less than two years, and what is happening in Kisii is a cover-up of the many challenges and leadership gaps we have at the county leadership," she said.

Speaking in Keumbu market, Nyakundi said he would lead local leaders into talks to ensure political sanity in the region. 

"We are painting a negative image that could keep off investors. We are seeing unprecedented fights in Kisii. We must all agree that there are issues to be solved. The impeachment motion against Monda was not necessary. Our people need services," he said.

He claimed that Kisii has been recording low absorption of development funds, which has led to delayed development. 

The leaders who on Saturday evening, met President Ruto said they would work together to ensure that planned projects are implemented. 

Monda, who also addressed the gathering, said he will defend himself before the Senate. 

"I only request for prayers. We have lost hope as a county, our leaders should come together and end the petty wars we are experiencing," he said.

A total of 53 MCAs voted Thursday evening to impeach the deputy governor. He faces allegations of abuse of office, bribery and violation of the Constitution.