Sh37m project to end water woes for locals

Over 148 households in West Seme ward Kisumu county are set to benefit from a water project courtesy of Water First International organisation.

The project's scope includes the installation of a 58.3 cubic metre water tank, a 160-metre operational borehole and a 6.3km pipeline costing Sh37 million.

The project's extension covers rural populations in Kokelo, Kaura and Kachura.

Kisumu Deputy Governor Dr Mathew Owili, during the commissioning of the Magwako Community Water Project, said the project was a transformative initiative undertaken through support from Water 1st International in a collaborative effort with Kenya Water for Health Organisation (KWAHO).

"This project, with its multifaceted components of water supply, sanitation, hygiene promotion, and capacity building, signifies a significant stride towards enhancing the well-being of our community," said Owili.

The Magwako Water Project, he said, is emblematic of a shared county-integrated development plan commitment to increasing access to sustainable water sanitation and hygiene services, particularly in marginalised communities.

"It is a testament to the power of collaboration and collective action in addressing the fundamental needs of our people," he stated.

He said the project's objective is to uplift marginalised communities by ensuring access to essential services.