Migori widow shot by men disguised as police

The two men were dressed in police uniforms and had guns. [iStockphoto]

A 47-year-old widow in Migori County is appealing for justice after she was attacked by men masquerading as police officers.

Beatrice Ghati, who was earlier been attacked by a man who wanted to steal her cows in Maeta village, Kuria East Sub-County, was again attacked last week by unknown assailants.

She believes the two incidents are related, adding she is now living in fear.

According to Ghati, the two were dressed in police uniforms and had guns.

“They knocked on my door at around 9:30 pm and told me that they had found the man who had attacked me with a knife earlier on,” Ghati said, adding they claimed to be officers from Maeta police station.

Ghati said they told her to accompany them to the police station but before they could get there, the officers asked her children who had accompanied her to go back home.

Only her eldest son remained with her alongside the officers.

The attackers then demanded Sh3,000 from her and threatened to kill her. They then shot her as her son screamed before fleeing from the attackers.

Ghati was admitted at Migori County Referral Hospital where she is nursing bullet wounds.

Her lawyer, Josephat Nyakaba, termed the two incidents as attempted murder.

 Kuria East OCPD Patrick Njoroge said the two men were not officers.

“Officers visited the scene. The family members attested that those were not officers from Maeta as they know all the officers from the station,” Mr. Njoroge said.