Man handed 20 years in prison for killing wife in a love triangle

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A man has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for manslaughter after he was found guilty of killing his wife in a suspected love triangle.

Rongo Principal Magistrate Chrisphine Oruo ruled that the evidence surrounding the death of Joyce Aluoch was circumstantial in nature, thus finding Charles Odhiambo guilty of manslaughter.

“The prosecution proved the case beyond reasonable doubt to warrant a conviction,” Mr Oruo.

The magistrate declared that Odhiambo’s defence was mere denial but noted that the events surrounding the death of his wife were circumstantial.

Five witnesses who testified in the case implicated him in the murder.

A post-mortem conducted on May 17, 2022, at Rosewood Hospital, revealed that the deceased had multiple bruises on the body. She had blood in the inner part of her chest and in her head.

The autopsy report which was produced as an exhibit in court indicated that the victim succumbed to severe head injuries.

A sister to the deceased, Irene Adhiambo, told the court that the accused had wrangles with his wife.

She also told the court how Odhiambo went to her home and threatened the deceased.

During the trial stage, the court heard of how Odhiambo assaulted Irene on May 10 and May 11, 2020, at Kasera village in Rongo Sub-County, Migori County.

Oruo indicated that Odhiambo had confirmed having had differences with his wife after she informed him that she had a child with another man.

In his defence, Odhiambo claimed he had travelled to Kendu Bay when the incident took place.

However, Oruo said Odhiambo failed to produce a witness to support his argument, to confirm that he was in Kendu Bay during the alleged dates.

“In the absence of this witness, I will disregard his line of defence. I find the accused’s defence to be a mere denial,” Oruo said.