James Orengo settles on William Oduol for deputy governor

Mr William Oduol will be Siaya Senator Mr James Orengo's running mate [Denish Ochieng, Standard]

Siaya Senator Mr James Orengo has settled on Mr William Oduol as his running mate in the race to succeed governor Mr Cornel Rasanga.

Mr Oduol vied against Mr Rasanga in 2013, but lost, and was among those mentioned as interested in the Alego Usonga parliamentary seat.

This comes after United Democratic Movement (UDM) governor aspirant Mr Nicholas Gumbo settled on former police spokesman Mr Charles Owino for running mate.

The two camps have intensified campaigns. In a letter to ODM National Elections Board dated May 10, Mr Orengo said: “I have nominated Oduol as my running mate for the seat of deputy governor in the General Election to be held on 9th August 2022, following my nomination by the ODM party to contest for the seat of the governor of Siaya County."

Mr Orengo’s choice to have a deputy governor from Alego Usonga is meant to woo the vote-rich area. Mr Rasanga, who is ending his second term, also comes from Alego Usonga.

In 2017, when Mr Rasanga competed against Mr Gumbo for the same seat, residents of Alego voted for Rasanga as a bloc.

Mr Oduol vied against Mr Rasanga in 2013. He challenged Mr Rasanga's win in court, prompting a repeat election, but the latter won again.

Mr Oduol, 50, is Westcon-Comstor Africa CEO. Last year he expressed interest to run for the Alego Usonga parliamentary seat, but later rallied behind Mr Samuel Atandi, who won.

Mr Oduol then joined Mr Orengo's team, which also has East African Legislative Assembly MP Mr Oburu Oginga for the Senate seat.

Mr Owino comes from Karuoth in Alego Usonga, although he settled in Ugenya, which is Mr Orengo's base.

Mr Gumbo’s choice of Mr Owino is, according to political observers, meant to woo Alego Usonga electorate. He is also expecting more votes from Ugenya, where Mr Owino has a lot of influence.