Police in Homa Bay hunt for two in defilement investigation

Police in Homa Bay County are looking for two men accused of defiling a Class Six girl.

The two reportedly waylaid and defiled the girl while she was on her way to school at Komenya sub-location in Rangwe sub-county yesterday.

They forcefully led her into a deserted house in the village where they defiled her.

The two disappeared after committing the heinous act.

According to the head teacher of the school where the 14-year-old girl is a pupil, the suspects threatened to kill the girl during the ordeal.

They left the minor with serious genital injuries.

Komenya Assistant Chief Millicent Aron said the minor was rushed to Ndiru Health Centre for medical examination and later recorded a statement at Rangwe Police Station.

“We have liaised with the police who are investigating the matter to ensure the suspects are apprehended,” Aron said.

She said the suspects are local residents.