Wajir West MP Farah leads peace caravan to end inter-clan disputes

Wajir West MP Yussuf Farah preaches peace durinh a peace caravan within his constituency on September 8, 2023. [Mohamed Saman, Standard]

Wajir West Mp Yussuf Farah in collaboration with security agencies, county officials, religious leaders and community elders have embarked on peace caravans within the constituency.

The caravans aim to reach out to residents within his constituency so that they can co-exist in peace and harmony.

The move comes after three people were killed and nine others injured after following an inter-clan clash as a result of land dispute in Banane area.

Accompanied by the Deputy County Commissioner, Farah said it was necessary for all the stakeholders to join hands and come with long lasting peace solutions.

“When we live together in peace and harmony, it creates a positive environment where everyone feels safe and valued. It allows us to focus on our similarities rather than our differences, fostering unity and cooperation. It is a beautiful way to build strong relationships and create a better world for all of us,” the MP said.

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Farah urged the security agencies to bring the perpetrators who are hiding behind clans to cause havoc and kill innocent lives.

Wajir West constituents listen to their area MP Yussuf Farah during a peace caravan on September 8, 2023. [Mohamed Saman, Standard]

"I was elected to represent everyone regardless of the clan he hails from, let us live together in peace and harmony. We are all brothers and sisters and we all know the importance of peace and I assure my constituents that anyone who is hiding behind clan names to commit these crimes will be brought to book,” said Farah.

He said so far there are several people who are in police custody as police continue with investigations.

The communities residing in Northern Kenya are pastoralists and conflicts may arise from pasture, land and inadequate resources.

The caravan visited Qalqasha, Shanta Abaq, Banane and Boji Yarey where residents were asked to love each other and commit to be peace ambassadors.

Peace Elders Chairman Mzee Sheikh Nuur emphasised on the importance of peace and implored residents to live in peace and tranquility.

Living together in peace and harmony is crucial for a happy and thriving community. It promotes understanding, respect, and cooperation among people.