Ms President community dialogue spark equality, women's leadership debate in Wajir

Hellen Muchunu, Gender and Governance Analyst, UN Women and Kristina Leuchowius - Monitoring and Reporting Specialist following the Ms President Community Dialogues Wajir edition. [Mohamed Saman, Standard]

Aldef Kenya in partnership with Media Focus on Africa today held community dialogue in Wajir County.

Well known as the Ms President Community Dialogues, the Wajir edition focused on gender equality, women's leadership and community empowerment.

The discussions centered around how the women from the county can be empowered by giving them space and platforms to participate in county and national leadership.

The forum further provided a platform for the community members to identify in-depth issues and stereotypes that bar women in the region from actively taking up leadership positions.

Some of the participants during the Wajir edition of the Ms President Community Dialogues. [Mohamed Saman, Standard]

"In a world where equality and representation have become paramount, the narrative of enhancing women's participation in leadership and governance unfolds as a powerful journey towards a more inclusive and equitable society" Said Halima Bashir Program Manager for Aldef.

Bashir said such conversation are vital especially in the marginalised areas because they play a key role in creating equality while reducing gender based violence and rape.

"Ms President is a driver and solution to the clan based political earmarking of the potential candidates, because it gives women the guts and exposure to showcase their capacities and their worth" Said Halima Shekh a facilitator at the forum.

Ms President is an entertaining, educating and thought provoking reality TV series that will air on a popular TV station in Kenya.

The leadership themed TV show will be a platform used to portray to a national audience the capacity and ability of women to lead effectively.