Fourteen family members face starvation in Mandera

Abey Osman Abdullahi and his family in Mandera. [Ibrahim Adan Ali, Standard]

A family of fourteen members living in Mandera is on the verge of starvation in Mandera.

The twelve children and their two parents have nothing to eat while staying in a cold bare land that belongs to a kind Kenyan.

A distraught mother, Kuresha Ali Adan, told The Standard that her children had not eaten for days and have no roof over their heads.

"We have not eaten for the past two days; we sleep on two tattered mattresses with nowhere to call home”.

She added that the recently distributed county relief food did not benefit them because they were not identified as needy.

And, the area chief told The Standard that the aid food store was broken and the relief stolen.

Abey Osman Abdullahi, the father of the twelve said he lost his job due to a prolonged sickness.

He said he cannot provide for his big family due to joblessness with no land of their own as the owner of the land they occupied for the past 17 years has been asked to leave.

The family is surviving is temporary food donations from neighbours.