Voting continues in Eldas after a day of chaos

One of the challenges was the failure of KIEMs kits. [Kipsang Joseph, Standard]

Confusion and chaos in Eldas constituency on Monday led to suspension of the election process, voters started the process afresh on Wednesday morning amid heavy security.

Everything was calm and going on as planned. The four wards in the constituency received their election materials to start the process.

Polling stations in Tula-Tula/Elnur Ward opened by 11am since ferrying of election materials from Eldas Tallying Centre covered a long distance.

Most voters feared for their security but measures were taken to secure the voting.

"We look forward to a peaceful election which is free, fair and credible," said a voter at Tula-Tula Secondary School polling station.

However, Tula-Tula Dam and Tula-Tula Secondary polling stations had mix up of ballot boxes. For Tula-Tula Dam polling station, it had an extra ballot box for Member of National Assembly and Member of County Assembly, while boxes for Woman MP and governor were missing.

Another challenge was the failure of KIEMs kits to identify elderly people through fingerprints. This may further delay elections in the constituency and witness low voter turnout.