Coronavirus: Anti-Counterfeit Authority raises alarm over fake sanitizers

The Anti-Counterfeit Authority on Monday warned Kenyans to beware of the danger of counterfeit sanitisers and detergents in the market as the country takes preventive measures to stop the spread of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).
The increased demand for these products poses an opportunity for unscrupulous traders to capitalise on vulnerability by selling counterfeit detergents and sanitizers.
In a press statement, the Executive Director of Anti-Counterfeit Authority Elema Halake said that some unscrupulous persons may take advantage of this situation to cash in on the Coronavirus pandemic to manufacture and trade in counterfeit sanitizers and detergents.

Executive Director of Anti-Counterfeit Authority Elema Halake (Photo: Courtesy)

The Authority is currently following some leads on suspected counterfeit sanitizers and detergents.
Halake encouraged Kenyans to be alert when buying these commodities.
“We encourage Kenyans to beware and report any suspected cases to the authority or any other law enforcement agency,” he noted.
This serves as a reminder that dealing in counterfeit goods is a criminal offence and is punishable by law. The Authority reassures members of the public that it remains vigilant to detect and seize any counterfeit sanitizers and detergents.
This comes at a time when the Kenya Pharmaceuticals association also warned of purchasing uncertified drugs in the name of curing Coronavirus.
Kenya Pharmaceutals Association chairperson Patrick Adera warned Kenyans on buying two types of medicine known as Hydrochloquine and Azithromycin after the United States said the two drugs could cure coronavirus.
The association now says that the drugs have not been verified, further warning that those selling the medicine should wait till research has been completed