Standard Group rolls out literacy programme in six local schools

David Kisi, headteacher of Kendege Comprehensive School, guides learners through ‘The Standard’ during the launch of Newspapers in Education (NIE) programme in Kuria East Sub-County, Migori County. [Anne Atieno, Standard]

Standard Group has launched the Newspapers in Education (NIE) programme in six schools in Kuria East, Migori County, to enhance literacy among learners.

The schools include Nyaitara Comprehensive School, Sanchawa Primary School, Gibarori Comprehensive and Secondary Schools, Maeta Comprehensive School and Maeta Secondary School, and Kendege Primary School.

Christopher Gisiri, the manager of Standard Newspaper’s NIE programme, said the initiative will go a long way in helping the schools in Kuria East excel.

“Every Tuesday, the schools will be getting copies of The Standard Newspaper,” Mr Gisiri said.

The schools are expected to get 22 copies each for a whole term. Gisiri, who was accompanied by Alex Giggs, an official from Kuria East MP Maisori Kitayama’s office, said more schools need to embrace the programme to enhance the performance of their learners.

Nyaitara Comprehensive School headteacher Moses Otieno said the learners will be able to improve on their languages.

“We will substitute it with the storybooks,” Mr Otieno said.

Ben Mwita, Maeta Secondary School Senior Master, pointed out that the power of information is very important.

“As a school, we are very happy. Keep on visiting us with these noble materials,” Mr Mwita remarked.

Teachers of Kiswahili and English languages at the schools said the newspapers will encourage a reading culture and help the learners improve in their languages.

“I will have an easy time handling my learning area,” Edna Miranyi, teacher of Kiswahili at Gibarori Comprehensive School in the Junior Secondary School section said.

Sanchawa primary school headteacher Edith Wegesa appreciated the good gesture, saying the school will excel.

“We will be more informed as a school and learners improve on languages. The school needs to get more copies as we have a population of 230 learners,” Ms Wegesa noted.