Goodies as Kenya to receive 16 choppers, 150 armored cars from the US

Presidents William Ruto (Kenya) and Joe Biden (US) in Washington, DC. [PCS]

Kenya is getting down to business towards boosting its security apparatus and peacekeeping missions within the region.

In the latest development stemming from President William Ruto’s state visit to the US, Kenya is set to receive sixteen (16) helicopters, eight Hueys, and another eight MD 500s to boost security operations.

The U.S.-manufactured choppers are expected to arrive in the country between late 2024 and mid-2025, the White House announced today.

“The helicopters will bolster Kenya’s ability to provide regional peace and security and participate in peacekeeping missions,” said White House.

The East African country has also secured 150 armored vehicles from US Excess Defense Article stocks, which are projected to arrive this September.

“Kenya has one of the largest US Foreign military sales portfolios in Africa,” the White House noted.

To further support anti-terrorism efforts, the two countries will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to construct a 10,000-foot runway, in a bid to expand the Manda Bay airfield in Lamu.

“The expanded facility provides Kenya the required infrastructure to increase operations against the terrorist group al-Shabaab.”

War against Corruption

Also featured heavily in the talks was the fight against corruption in Kenya.

To this end, President Joe Biden’s administration has committed Sh39.8 million to support Kenya’s proposed Whistleblower Protection law to strengthen its anti-corruption legal architecture.

A further USD500,000 (Sh66 million) will go towards the new Fiscal Integrity Program “to make county budget processes more transparent and inclusive and increase citizen engagement.”

A similar amount of USD500,000 (Sh66.3m) will be channeled towards anti-corruption advocacy by empowering various civil society actors.