First batch of NYS graduates sent to Saudi Arabia, Labour PS says

Labor and Skills Development Principal Secretary Shadrach Mwadime last week flagged off 273 National Youth Service graduates to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This is the first batch of graduates out of a total of 460 who are still under training and will be deployed to work in the Gulf countries.

Speaking during the flagging-off ceremony, the PS said that the physical stamina attained by graduates during training can help them conquer the hardships of life.

"Because of the discipline that has been instilled through you, there is nothing that you cannot conquer," said Mwadime.

Youth National Service Director Moses Ndabiri urged the graduates to conduct themselves with decorum while in the Gulf countries.

He also asked them to observe and maintain the discipline that they have acquired while in the service.

PS Mwadime encouraged young individuals to grab the opportunity to go outside the country for the betterment of their lives.

“According to the statistics that we are getting, we are told that nearly 65 per cent of our population is comprised of young people below the age of 35 who are active job seekers,” said Mwadime.

He also noted that Kenya produces about a million graduates from primary school, and tertiary institutions per year.

Mwadime said that out of a million graduates, only 200,000 can be absorbed by the economy both in the public sector and private sector.

“The bilateral agreement that we signed with other countries are human right based. The challenges that people were facing years back will not happen again going forward,” the PS said.

He said the ministry has had several discussions with the Saudi Arabia government on the negative publicity of the country.