Khalwale seeks Sh1.3 billion in damages from businessman


Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale has moved to court to demand Sh1.3 billion compensation for alleged defamation by businessman Cleophas Shimanyula.

Dr Khalwale claimed that the Kakamega-based businessman made defamatory statements against him and his family.

Through his lawyer Danston Omari, the Senator has filed a case demanding compensation from Shimanyula alias Toto.

He is demanding Sh800 million to be shared between himself and his three wives and an additional Sh500 million for his 17 children.

Khalwale was yesterday escorted to the High Court to file the case by among others, his office workers who defended him insisting that their boss is a respected man who had allegedly been defamed by Shimanyula.

Last week the Senator through the lawyer wrote to the businessman to retract a statement he published within 48 hours. This after the businessman disputed that Kwalwale's caretaker Kizito Amukune alias Moi was gored to death by one of the bulls named Inasio.

Shimanyula claimed that Khalwale had a hand in the death of Amukune whose body was discovered in the cowshed on January 28.

The 47-year-old bull trainer had served the senator for almost 20 years. Khalwale is a fervent enthusiast of bullfighting.

He has accused Shimanyula of going public on social media to make baseless and unfounded claims that disputed police findings and those of the government pathologist, which showed that Amukune died as a result of being gored by the bull.

The senator accused the businessman of allegedly profiling him as a killer and giving the impression that his wives were prostitutes in a video that went viral.