National Assembly pledges support to journalists covering legislative affairs

Deputy Clerk Serah Kioko. [Grace Ng'ang'a, Standard]

The Parliament of Kenya has affirmed its support for members of the Fourth Estate covering the institution, recognising their crucial role in keeping the public informed.

The pledge was made by the National Assembly Clerk Samuel Njoroge in remarks made on his behalf by the Deputy Clerk Serah Kioko during the opening session of a training for the Kenya Parliamentary Journalists Association (KPJA) Members at the Kenya School of Government, in Lower Kabete.

The training focused on Parliamentary Procedures, the Budget Making Process and the Parliamentary Scrutiny of Statutory Instruments, bringing together 25 participants drawn from various media houses that are accredited to cover Parliament.

Mrs Kioko also commended journalists for their watchdog role in matters of public interest, emphasising the media's function in disseminating information about legislative activities.

A section of the Kenya Parliamentary Journalists Association members at the Kenya School of Government during the training. [Grace Ng'ang'a, Standard]

"The media has a key role in disseminating information about our activities as the Legislature. You are the bolt that perfectly brings together the two joints - Parliament and the people it represents," stated Mrs. Kioko

The training retreat, organised by the Centre for Parliamentary Studies (CPST) and facilitated by the National Assembly, aims to enhance KPJA members' understanding of parliamentary business.

The two-day program also covered the law-making process, ethics, how to derive stories from Parliamentary Committee reports, and other pertinent topics. The initiative stems from an engagement between the National Assembly leadership and Editors in September 2023, where parliament was urged to enhance the capacity of its members.

Mrs Kioko encouraged the journalists to delve deep, sift through information, and ensure accurate reporting.

"You should count on our support as you go about your duty. You have a solemn role bestowed on you; to go beyond the surface, dig in, dig out, sieve through, comb out, and ensure accurate reporting," said the Clerk.