Clerics petition Parliament to ban gay relations

Supreme Court declines to review order allowing LGBTQ associations.

Religious leaders drawn from Muslim and Christian faiths signed a petition to be tabled in Parliament seeking to prohibit gay relations in the country.

The group submitted the petition to Homa Bay Town MP Peter Kaluma, requesting him to table it in Parliament.

“I have been tasked by individual and concerned Kenyans to come up with a Family Protection Bill following the Supreme Court decision," said Kaluma.

The MP expressed confidence that the Bill will be passed by the National Assembly. He also faulted the social protection committee for delaying publication and transaction of the Bill which came up last year.

“I have no doubt and I entertain no doubt in my mind that as and when this Bill will be on the floor of Parliament it will be concluded even within a day because we need to protect the family, he said

Pastor Harrison Ndenda urged MPs to fast track the Bill.

“We have been there in this struggle and not willing to give up under any circumstance. To our Members of Parliament you have a choice and if you ignore us just know that the matter will still be handled even if it is to wait for the right leaders in parliament who can support us,” said Ndeda.

"We will be very keen to see Members of Parliament that will stand against this Bill. That will be your last job and we will make sure you do not make it back there," he added.

Kaluma noted that the Bill will among other things, prohibit comprehensive sexuality education and institute sex education syllabus that is appropriate to Kenyan children which is scientifically correct.

The Bill also prohibits homosexuality, promotion of homosexuality, recruitment and funding of homosexuality and anything that normalizes homosexuality in the country.

The MP has come out publicly to oppose LGBTQ.

Running under a slogan “Pamoja Tuhifadhi Jamii, Our Families our future,” the Bill seeks to limit the number of fundamental freedoms under the Constitution such as freedom of association as well as bar the media from broadcasting any homosexual activities.

“We are saying that by the time the Bill is passed even if an association had been registered before when the Bill passes the association will automatically stand de-registered and freedom of expression by supporters will be limited," said Kaluma.

In September last year The Supreme Court of Kenya threw out an application by Kaluma that sought to challenge the court's ruling on the registration of an LGBTQ lobby group and the definition of the word sex as used in the case.

In his application of March 9, 2023, MP Kaluma asked the court to stay the orders allowing the NGO Coordination Board to register members of the LGBTQ community.

The court stated that despite homosexuality being illegal in Kenya members of the LGBTQ still have a right of association.

The ruling then gave members of the LGBTQ community powers to seek formal recognition by the Non-Governmental Organizations Co-ordination Board.