Take your child to a school you can afford, parents told

Ndhiwa MP Martin Owino during a fundraiser at Andiwo Primary School in Kanyamwa Kologi ward in Ndhiwa Constituency. [James Omoro, Standard]

Ndhiwa MP Martin Owino has appealed to parents who have learners joining Form One to take them to local secondary schools that they can afford.

The legislator said some parents are struggling to take their bright children to schools they cannot afford instead of opting for what they can manage.

Speaking at Andiwo Primary School where he presided over a fundraiser for supporting bodaboda riders in Kanyamwa Kosewe and Kanyamwa Kologi wards in his constituency, Owino said there is nothing wrong with children joining local secondary schools where parents can afford to pay their school fees without much hustle.

He said as a result, the parents would have saved themselves the huge losses they suffer in trying to keep up with the pressure on the so-called ‘dream schools’.

Mr Owino said in the said dream schools, many learners end up missing classes when they are often sent home for school fees.

According to him, such inconvenience ends up affecting even the brighter students as they cannot get ample time to be in class as opposed to locally available schools.

“There are parents with bright children who are financially challenged, yet they take children to schools with huge fees. Such students end up wasting a lot of time when they are sent back home persistently for school fees,” Owino said.

He said the remedy is to take the students to local schools with affordable fees so that they get time to concentrate on their studies.

He said his office will provide full scholarships to bright and needy students who join secondary schools in Ndhiwa Constituency.

“Many people of Ndhiwa have difficulties paying school fees for their children, and as a leader, I have to put strategies in place to enable our children to go to school. My office will provide full scholarships to bright and needy students who join secondary schools in Ndhiwa Constituency,” Owino said.

The MP challenged the parents and students not to underrate secondary schools in their localities.

“Let parents and students understand that the school near their home can also propel them to universities like any other school elsewhere,” Owino said.