Isaac Mwaura issues travel advisory to Kenyans traveling during the festive season

Government Spokesman Isaac Mwaura.

The government has issued an advisory to Kenyans who will be travelling to various parts of the country, as the festive season kicks in.

In a statement on Sunday, Government Spokesman Isaac Mwaura urged travellers to exercise caution and stay updated on weather conditions.

“When it rains flash floods are still imminent so it may not be very safe to travel. Unless it is indispensable, we should keep off these roads altogether until such a time that are fully restored,” Mwaura said.

Mwaura has also urged Kenyans to minimize night travel and avoid driving when it rains since rain affects the driver’s visibility.

“Night travel should be minimised as much as possible and ensure that you have your vehicle mechanically prepared well for the journey ahead, have the necessary survival kits, warm clothes, drinking water, hot food, phone and medication if necessary,”.

“If possible do not travel with children at this time. Further do not drive in or through rivers or in flooded areas, moving or stagnant waters. It is important that you take your time and wait for it to subside or turn around,” he added.