Murkomen: Roads to include cycling and walking lanes on major roads in cities



Road constructors will soon be required to include non-motorized transport corridors Transport Cabinet Secretary Kipchumba Murkomen says.

Speaking during the 27-World Road Congress in Prague, Czech, Murkomen on Tuesday, October 3 said that the corridors will help accommodate cyclists and pedestrians on the busy roads.

“Parliament is in its final process of adopting the National Transport Policy which will make it a requirement for all future road constructors to include non-motorized transport corridors like cycling lanes within urban areas,” said Murkomen

Additionally, existing roads will also be remodeled to accommodate NMT where possible.

These NMT corridors will include cycling bridges, walking paths, and cycling lanes.

By doing so, the CS says it will reduce the number of accidents happening on highways as cyclists and pedestrians share the same space with vehicles.

Murkomen who has joined different leaders around the globe in promoting road safety awareness, adds that the paths with help crack down drivers using cycling lanes and walking paths.

The 27-World Road Congress aims to address issues around road safety and the shift towards carbon neutrality as countries are slowly adopting the use of electro-mobility and autonomous vehicles.