DP Gachagua: I was not lying about tigers in Kenya

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua.[Wilberforce Okwiri,Standard]

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has clarified his recent sentiments in Colombia that there are tigers in Kenya.

Speaking during a Red Cross gala dinner at Boma Hotel on Monday, the DP said he was thinking in his mother tongue where tigers and leopards are one and the same.

"As I was talking about the animals in this country, I talked about all the animals but you know when you go to Europe you do not become a European...some of us when we are speaking we think in our mother tongue then we translate.

"In the Kikuyu nation where I come from, the leopard and the tiger are one and the same. When I was talking about the tiger I saw some critics here asking me where the tiger is. I am telling them the tiger and the leopard are the same where I come from," he said.

While speaking in Bogota last week, Gachagua called upon the business community in Colombia to invest in Kenya and enjoy the rare species of Elephants, Rhinos, Buffaloes and Tigers.

"Kenya is a very warm country, we are very welcoming people, very hospitable and we invite Colombian business people to come and invest in Kenya," he said

"Again, as you come to invest in Kenya, we have many facilities for tourism. We have rare species of wildlife; the Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo, and Tiger."

Moments after jetting back to the country, the DP said he had been following up on the happenings back home, touching on the recent spike in oil prices.

He called upon leaders to watch how they address Kenyans, reminding them that the people employed them to serve them.

"I have noted with concern the exchanges between public servants and the People of Kenya. I want to call upon fellow leaders, particularly those that our President, H.E Dr William Samoei Ruto, has given the privilege to serve Kenyans to exercise caution in addressing Their Employer- the People of Kenya. It is Insensitive to talk down on The People.

"I would like to remind them that although the people of Kenya did not employ them directly, they decisively elected H.E President William Ruto, who in turn appointed them Cabinet Secretaries and Advisors. And hence by virtue of this -they are employed by Kenyans," said Gachagua.

Adding: "You Do Not address your employer with arrogance. Do so with Humility and Decorum. Kenyans, like the rest of the world, are going through difficult economic times and leaders should address them with Sensitivity and Empathy."