Expert: Why there are payment delays at National Parks countrywide

Kenya Tourism Federation Chair Fred Odek during an interview with Spice FM on Tuesday, September 12.[Screen Grab]


Kenya Tourism Federation Chair Fred Odek has revealed the reason behind delays at national park gates in the country. 

This comes a week after tourists visiting different parks in the country allegedly found themselves stranded outside parks.

According to Odek, the e-Citizen platform offers individual services, therefore, those who book via tourist companies end up stranded at the gate. 

Speaking during an interview with Spice FM on Tuesday, September 12, Odek noted that the platform occasionally faces technical challenges, making it hard for tourists to access the parks.

“We have no problem going to e-Citizen. What we want is for the government to open the corporate accounts so that hoteliers and other service providers running the companies can pay company to company,” he said.

“There was one weekend when the system crashed at 6.00 am and tourists could not be let in as they were unable to register. That time is usually the best time for wildlife viewing but they had no access.”

Since the majority of those affected are foreigners, the companies in the tourism sector have been carrying cash and making payments through the drivers.

This, according to him takes away accountability in corporates and is 'time-wasting.'

Odek now wants the government to create a platform for companies where they can make payments directly instead of using one individual to make the payment.

Their remarks come months after the government through the Ministry of ICT launched a digital platform that offers over 5000 government services.

According to the Government, the platform will help in cutting the cost of time and money for clients seeking government services as well as minimise corruption and pilferage in various offices.