President William Ruto to build a state lodge in Meru County

President William Ruto. [File, Standard]

President William Ruto has announced government plans to build a state accommodation facility in Meru County.

Being a small town, Meru can only have a state lodge. However, the president did not clarify whether it would be a State House or Lodge.

While making a speech during an interdenominational service at Laare Stadium in Meru, the president said the decision aims at bringing government presence closer to the region.

“I have managed to get government land here (Meru), I will come to build a state accommodation facility here. Those complaining that I visit Meru a lot should be ready because now I will stay here and solve issues of this region here. There will be no need to travel to Nairobi,” President Ruto said.

He added that his government has set aside Sh25 billion for modernizing the police service to amicably deal with crime in the country.

“In the North Rift Region, we have started eradicating cattle rustling and banditry. We will use the army if need be to protect Kenyans’ property,”

So far, he says they have been able to purchase equipment to deal with criminals, which includes a helicopter with a firearm to eradicate the vice.

Moreover, he says he has no problem when the opposition is doing its work. However, he has reiterated his stand on the opposition demonstrations and protests, which mostly turn chaotic.

“I have no problem with the opposition. They are doing a good job of correcting the government. I just don’t like violence, chaos, and destruction of property that comes with some of their activities,”

“We have allowed them in parliament and are working on allowing the setting-up of an official opposition office where they will be free to announce anytime where the government is wrong. If they speak facts I will make adjustments, if not then I will assume,” he adds.

With talks of his re-election dominating the pulpit, Ruto has urged political leaders to focus on delivering their promises to Kenyans, as opposed to the 2027 General Election.

“I want to assure you that we will change Kenya and we will not be distracted from our core business. It is not mandatory for us to be friends; all we need to do is work for Kenyans.

He adds that the electorate will decide who to elect in the next four years, majorly based on their performance.

Kenya has only three state houses, in Nairobi, Nakuru and Mombasa. It also has an additional seven State Lodges in the country, where a sitting President spends nights while touring a particular region.

They include: Sagana State Lodge in Nyeri, Kisii State Lodge, Kisumu State Lodge, Eldoret State Lodge, and others in Kakamega County, Rumuruti, Chereng'any Constituencies and Garissa County.