PLO Lumumba: Why we want the Constitution amended

PLO Lumumba during the interview at Spice FM on Friday, September 8. [Screen Grab]

On August, 27 a group of eminent persons led by lawyer PLO Lumumba proposed amendments to the Constitution that was promulgated in 2010.

According to the group, although the constitution has played a great role in shaping the country for the past 13 years, there is still a need to improve it.

Explaining the importance of the amendment, Lumumba, in an interview with Spice FM on Friday, September 8, said that the amendment seeks to address political bad manners in the country.

"Every country must do things that address their issues. However, you can have a good constitution but if you do not practice what it says then it's useless," said Lumumba.

He added: "We have a country where we have political bad manners. As it is today, our political class thinks they are bigger than the Constitution and the time has come to tell them they are not."

According to Lumumba, for the Constitution to be respected, the country needs individuals who prioritize the interests of Kenyans and not themselves.

Further, Kenyans need to be reminded that if a leader fails to deliver in their first term, then they do not need another term to prove themselves.

"We need a new crop of leaders who think of the future of this country rather than having their ego massaged. Additionally, we need to deal with the ethnic form of leadership even if it's dealing with it within the Constitution," he said.

The bill will also seek to change certain aspects of devolution which according to Lumumba has undermined its prosperity and thus needs to be improved.

It will also seek to re-align the constitution to what is happening in the East Africa region and the continent.

The group which is also supported by The Green Thinking Action Party boss Isaac Kalua, is expected to table the bill which will go around the country so as to collect views from Kenyans.