President Ruto to meet with TikTok CEO over content moderation

During Parliament proceedings regarding TikTok, lawmakers held different opinions with Ndolo saying that the app should be banned.

"While it has gained popularity among the youth, the content being shared on the platform is inappropriate promoting violence, explicit sexual content, violence, hate speech, vulgar language, and offensive behaviour which is a serious threat to the cultural and religious values in Kenya," Ndolo stated in his petition.

However, others were opposed to the ban saying that the app still serves as a source of income to numerous youths.

"These platforms provide avenues for our youths to get employment, especially for those who are able to create content," said Ugunja MP Opiyo Wandayi.

A majority were for the idea of regulating the content produced on the app rather than banning it altogether.

During the concert that took place in Nakuru, the Head of State said that the X app had agreed to monetize Kenyan content, making Kenya one of the few countries in Africa.

Ruto also added that from August, Facebook will be testing and exploring the field of monetizing content alongside 25 Kenyan content creators.