Kindiki, Murkomen call for probe into vandalism of property by protesters

CSs Kindiki, Murkomen condemn violence and vandalism in Wednesday protests.

The Cabinet Secretary of Roads and Transport and his Interior counterpart have condemned acts of vandalism and hooliganism witnessed during Wednesday's nationwide demonstrations.

There were two sets of demonstrations taking part in the country; Public Transport operators downed their tools protesting new laws by the ministry of Trasport while supporters of Azimio took to the streets to demonstrate the high cost of living.

In a statement on Wednesday evening, Interior CS Kithure Kindiki condemned Wednesday demonstrations that turned chaotic in most parts of the country.

He has also said that says government agencies have been tasked to investigate and prosecute participants, organisers and supporters of chaos.

"The Government has tonight mobilized all the law enforcement agencies of the State and the institutions of our country's criminal justice system to conclude investigations urgently and proceed to the arrest and prosecution of all those involved in the planning and execution of the crimes committed today, including those who funded or otherwise aided or abetted the offenders." Kindiki says.

On the other hand, Roads and Transport CS Kipchumba Murkomen says the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Inspector General will be investigating vandalism of public infrastructure, and suspects will be arraigned.

He adds that protest organisers will bear damage costs in future.

"The Ministry of Roads and Transport wishes to condemn acts of vandalism and destruction of public infrastructure - built with taxpayers' money - committed by supporters of the Azimio coalition. We have asked the Office of the Director of Criminal Investigation, through the Office of the Inspector General of Police to carry out thorough investigations and ensure the perpetrators of such heinous acts, many of who were captured on CCTV cameras and by the media, are apprehended and punished,"

"Going forward, organisers of demonstrations must guarantee that their supporters will not repeat such acts of lawlessness failure to which they will be held personally responsible for losses incurred through theft, vandalism, and the destruction of public infrastructure and property."