The dim dream of electricity connection

 A snippet of a video that captured Kitui East MP Nimrod Mbai assaulting a Kenya Power engineer. [Courtesy: Twitter]

There was an altercation between Kitui East MP Nimrod Mbai and a Kenya Power staffer, and there are people who would go to extremes to get access to electricity.

We asked Netizens to share their experience in getting electricity connected to their home by Kenya Power; was it a smooth process, or did they face challenges along the way?

I’ll go first!

Where I come from, we first got an electricity connection in 2016 since the world was created literally. It was such a memorable moment for the entire village that we stayed up overnight watching television at Mr Maigua’s home; the only TV set around. A few weeks into this new reality, we were disconnected from the electricity with no reason given. We would then wait for two years to get the electricity back. September 2018! So no! It was not a smooth process, at least not for me.

Kenya power technicians install a transformer at Íbutúka Village in Mbeere North in Embu County. [Múríthi Múgo, Standard]

Electrification is an essential step in the modernization and development of any community. This responsibility lies with the nation's primary electricity provider, Kenya Power. The process of connecting electricity to a home may vary in complexity and efficiency, depending on several factors.

That said, let’s delve into the experiences of individuals who have undergone the endeavour of connecting their homes to Kenya Power, exploring the challenges they faced, the ease or difficulty of the process, and the overall satisfaction with the services provided.

From Facebook:

Raphael Okumu Okado: Mine was very smooth in fact presenting documents and payment the pole was brought within one-week technical team followed the following week electricity was powered within 3 weeks

Marcus Kass: It's simple if you follow the right procedure you will never get power connection to your home but if you bribe them they will connect even in the middle of the night talking from experience

Shidans Darico: Went to their kakamega office to enquire more about charges of connecting my home with power, a home that's 2 poles away from the nearest power pole, what I was told heri kununua solar ya 300watts na kuendelea na maisha.

Sam Kamuyu: It's been 2 years now since application for meter separation and I'm still waiting despite having completed all the processes.

Johnie Stuartmill: Back home we have never had electricity since 1963. The only thing we do is to pay 1k per household every year to conmen pretending to be from KPLC.

Enock Washi: For us tulikua na bahati coz power was 50m from our house so they come drop cable and meters we pay

Nyakandito Nyar Kochia: In a gated community with courts.In a court all occupants must pay for the connection for one to get connected to electricity or pay extra to get connected.I dont get it

Bernard Maranga: Long wait for meters to arrive from wherever. Then applying for the meters through epra where you are issued with commencement and completion certificates created loophole for customers to be exploited by unscrupulous technicians. Paying 2k for a process that take less than five minutes is too much.

From Twitter:

@mugwey: VERY, VERY.........HARD. I had challenges in booking my application for survey and in connection. I had to forcefully motivate the Kenya power officer. They could not even satisfactory complete the service living opportunity for future forced incentive but I now say NO.

@KavugweKelvin: Applied online... Then the KPLC Agent came to give me quotation. Aliniambia nimjenge kwanza 7k so us to facilitate the process. Am still in a blackout 

@patrick16602535: We've not been supplied with KPLC metres in the whole village for a period of 3 years after erecting Poles and running conductors what's remaining is only cable drops & metres. Have visited their offices but all in vain disappointment.

@Maiko00125446: Ask yourself why are they not ready to supply meters popularly called tokens to the customers? Your guess is as good as mine. The MP as spoken for many quite suffering kenyan

@omuyukubtr: Is it Cartels power or Kenya power? We always lose power whenever birds consummate on the wire. I opted for solar and generator

@patrick16602535: We've not been supplied with KPLC metres in the whole village for a period of 3 years after erecting Poles and running conductors what's remaining is only cable drops & metres. Have visited their offices but all in vain disappointment.

@paul_omosh1: Limitations must, first thing buying cable and piles that may cover at least 4km, I’m tracing back on village where by you find its so difficult to install electricity, Almost Nyanza Province

It evident that while challenges may exist, the overall experience varies from individual to individual.  Improvements can always be made; but it is equally essential to recognize the strides taken to enhance accessibility.