Pres. Ruto: Kenya is on the track to achieve 100 percent clean energy.

President William Ruto addresses a gathering during a past address. [Denish Ochieng, Standard]

President William Ruto says Kenya is on track to achieving 100 per cent clean energy by the year 2030.

Ruto, who was speaking during the African Energy Forum on Tuesday, June 20, said renewable energy in Kenya currently accounts for 73 per cent of the installed power generation capacity and 90 per cent of the power generation dispatch in terms of utilization.

According to him, the success can be attributed to various efforts undertaken to boost the renewable energy sector including setting up various energy plants around the country.

"Kenya is deeply committed to the agenda of the Africa Energy Forum. We have a wind power project in Lake Turkana which has a capacity of 310 MW and is the largest in Africa," said Ruto.

"Additionally, the Kenya off-grid solar access project (KOSAP) is under implementation and will cover 14 counties and has potential to expand to other counties.

"Geothermal energy potential is currently estimated at 10,000 MW, out of which less than 10 per cent (950 MW) has been exploited making Kenya the 6th largest global producer of geothermal power. Also, there are biogas power plants using various feedstocks and flower waste already in operation," Ruto added.

Ruto says his government has come up with a bioenergy strategy which will enable them to provide modern cooking energy to Kenyans in efforts to achieve universal access to clean cooking.

This bioenergy strategy will also see public institutions shift away from biomass cooking fuels to cleaner and sustainable options.

According to Ruto, transitioning away from fossil fuels will not only be affordable for Kenyans but will also contribute to global efforts to mitigate climate change and protect the environment.