Alfred Mutua: I was misquoted on diplomatic gaffe

The committee summoned the CS after his much-publicized diplomatic gaffe involving the Canadian government.

In a tweet, Mutua promised Kenyans jobs and opportunities to live and work in Canada. he said he had met with Sean Fraser the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship of Canada and agreed on the various migration opportunity pathways for Kenyans to live or work in Canada.

"We are in deep negotiations and we will be providing a comprehensive statement within the next few days with guidance and links agreed upon between the Kenyan and the Canadian government so that Kenyans can apply for migration or job visas," Mutua tweeted.

In a subsequent statement, he said: "Currently, Canada has more employment opportunities than available people to work and we agreed that Kenya can help fill that gap. The process for those who wish to go to Canada is simple but requires one to be diligent."

But in a statement shortly after, Canadian Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Department cautioned Kenyans against being duped.

"Disinformation is circulating which suggests that special programmes are welcoming Kenyan immigrants. This is false, and the immigration programmes referenced do not exist," the statement read.

And while appearing before JLAC yesterday, Mutua claimed that he had been misquoted.

In response to queries by the Mwengi Mutuse (MP Kibwezi West)-led committee, the CS promised to give a comprehensive statement on the job opportunities available in Canada for Kenyans.

"We will soon issue a comprehensive report on the jobs available abroad, last time the media misquoted me, as you all know, Propaganda will go around while the truth is still putting on shoes," he added.

The CS further called on the Treasury to reconsider matters of double taxation which he said, was deterring Kenyans in the Diaspora from remitting investment funds back home.